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Beginning Knitting and Crochet: Beginning classes for knitting and crochet are scheduled one-on-one at your convenience during business hours. You may schedule lessons just for yourself, or for yourself and a few other friends. In beginning knitting, you will learn your stitches while you create a beautiful chunky yarn scarf. At the end of your mastery period, you'll have a fabulous accent you can actually use!

Classes a la carte: If you weren't able to attend a specific class, or you missed out entirely on one, here's your chance! Simply schedule the class topic of your choice at the time that's convenient for you.

How Much Do Classes Cost? At Vermilion Bay Yarn, we're all about getting you moving on your fiber projects and getting you going with new techniques. All classes (including beginning knitting and crochet) at VBYC are $20 plus materials. You do not pay each time you come in to continue the same class.

What's Available At Vermilion Bay

The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company is your local source for the fine yarns of Rowan, Classic Elite, South West Trading, Cascade, Plymouth, Schaefer, Malabrigo, Muench, GGH, Brown Sheep, Lana Grossa, Tilli Tomas, Universal, and many others! We offer high quality needles and hooks from Addi, Chiaogoo, Hiya-Hiya, and Brittany. Vermilion Bay Yarn (YOUR local yarn shop) is YOUR one stop for all your knitting and crochet notion needs: counters, holders, markers, darning eggs, tapestry needles, etc.

Knit Cafe: The Evening Fiber Art Group meets on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm at the shop. Bring your project(s) and sit for as long as you like. Food, coffee, and soft drinks are always provided, and everyone is encouraged to add to the buffet.

Need something repaired? Favorite sweater with moth holes? Heirloom lace with a snag? Bring it in for an estimate.

Don't have time to knit or crochet it? The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company is your only local custom fiber art source! Please visit the shop for an estimate.

Knitting Parties at VBYC: Gather together 10 of your friends or colleagues and set a date/time for a knitting party at Vermilion Bay Yarn! Beginners and seasoned knitters can participate in the same party! Folks who've never knitted before will learn how and the experienced knitters work their own fun project! Contact the shop for details!

Our Return Policy

Now and then we purchase a bit too much, or decide that a different yarn might be better for a project than the one we selected. Here's how VBYC accomodates merchandise returns. This policy is also clearly displayed in the shop by the register. Thank you for your business!

Merchandise purchased at The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company may be exchanged/returned for shop credit only. No cash refunds. No exhanges/returns on special orders. Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for cash. Yarn presented for exchange must be odor-free and in new condition with the yarn band intact. Yarns wound into skeins are not accepted for exchange.

Knitting Rescue and Project Help

We are most willing to assist YOU, our customers, with quick help or to fix minor blemishes in your fiber work at no charge. As I see it, that's all part of what YOUR local yarn shop is about, especially if your project originated from VBYC. If you find yourself in need of frequent coaching on a particularly challenging project, or if you require detailed assistance with a project obtained elsewhere, we encourage you to make that project into a class ($20 fee applies) for the duration of your work.

26 February 2011

Hot Fashion, Cool Cotton!

The spring 2011 edition of Vogue Knitting has arrived, and boy, is it hot! Cotton and cotton blends are in, folks -- and you'll adore the new designs presented in this seasonal must-have magazine! You're sure to find garments here that will fill in the gaps of your spring wardrobe, and lucky for you, you have VBYC where cotton is king this spring! Rowan All Seasons Cotton, Handknit Cotton, Revive -- silk/cotton, Summer Tweed -- silk/cotton, Milk Cotton, not to mention the delicious Belle Organic Cotton from Amy Butler! And can we go on about Linen? Lenpur Linen, and Classic Elite Firefly and Sprout will add to your choices in the coming weeks! Vogue Knitting! Get yours today!

17 February 2011

Sock and Worsted

This yarn has its own following, Malabrigo, the South American "wonder yarn" with the bright and bold colors. The sock yarns with the groovy colorways and generous yardage. Sock knitters of course herald it as the apex of sock yarn prouduction, but lace knitters love it too for its creative coloring, great sheen, and favorable stitch definition. If you like the look of Malabrigo sock, but are timid to use a size 2 or 3 needle for larger projects, follow Dolly Parton's declaration in Steel Magnolias: "I wear a size 6, but a size 7 feels so good, I buy a size 8". Double the strand and upsize your needles. The result is fabulous. Malabrigo worsted? One of the most versatile yarns on earth. Use an 8, use an 11. Somehow Tobias and the other folks from down South have created a magic yarn that loves whatever gauge you need. I've worked Malabrigo worsted on 8's, 9's, 10's, 11's, and even doubled it on 15's. Terrific whatever size stitch you need. And for felting? Perfect.

16 February 2011

Sari Silk:
100% silk in worsted weight.
Knitting it:
Wearing it:
being embraced by Heaven.

14 February 2011

Amy Butler design collections
and Belle Organic cottons
have arrived!

You're Styling, Scooter dog!

Knitting for humans is fun, but now and then the challenge of shaping a garment for another species has a special appeal. Scooter is one of VBYC's non-human custom knitting clients who, like all our custom clients, insists on the finest fibers and good fashion-forward design and craftsmanship for his garments. He was introduced to the Elsebeth Lavold design a couple days ago for his final fitting. Pets are just like people when garments are prepared. Measurements must be exact and the piece must fit correctly so it's comfortable to wear and looks great on. So, before the lower edging was completed and the front seam sewn, he tried on the sweater for size. Scooter is a high spirited dog, so the question was this: would a seam be practical for taking the sweater on and off, or would an alternative closure be better. When shown the piece he jumped straight up in the air about 5', then sat politely as the sweater was slipped over his head and his legs were guided through the openings. Question answered. He didn't mind at all putting on a garment this way. His other outside jacket is flat and uses velcro closures, so putting on and off requires a different routine. Scooter took to the sweater concept like a pro. He realized in an instant that looking good takes a little work, and new dressing skills are all part of that. The edging was completed yesterday afternoon at Sunday Tea, the front seam closed and the final tails woven in. When the sweater was delivered, Scooter was out terrorizing his neighborhood. As soon as he saw his new completed sweater, he tore (he didn't run, he tore) down the sidewalk, remembering the fabulous new addition to his cool weather wardrobe. A perfect fit and jumps of thanks (he's part Jack Russell). The sweater is the "Amsterdam Dog" from the new Elsebeth Lavold collection "City (Es)capes", and has a version for adult humans and child humans too. Scooter's sweater was made in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride superwash wool in colorway "Red Barron". The sides feature a simple knit ridge pattern and the back carries a trademark Elsebeth Lavold cable braid. The bands finishing the leg openings as well as the bottom edge are in reverse stockinette and curl inward to create a mock piping effect. The garment is a relatively quick knit and perfect for an intermediate beginner -- a great first-time cable garment. Depending on his/her activity level and particularly how canaille your stylish pet tends to be, other worsted weight yarns could work well also: Rowan Summer Tweed, Cascade Venezia or Sierra, Malabrigo worsted (for snow days) -- I say that because not all of these are machine washable, however not all pets go outdoors for extended periods, and not all pets have important sniffing, hunting, crowd control, and general investigative jobs to do while engaging in one's "business". The "Amsterdam Dog" was most recently pictured in the winter 2011 edition of Vogue Knitting.

11 February 2011

In addition to the spring line of Rowan yarns and designs, Vermilion Bay Yarn welcomes Amy Butler and Belle Organic Cottons. The Butler yarns and materials have not yet arrived, but are expected within the next few days. Fresh new garment designs, innovative interior decor projects made up in a wide selection of cheerful colors for spring and summer. Many of you are already familiar with Amy Butler's beautiful fabrics. VBYC is proud to introduce you to her just-as-terrific line of knitwear and crocheted garments. As we await Amy's arrival, do stop in to browse the spring and summer Rowan collection.

The sun never sets on Rowan fashion!

What do knitters and crocheters think about while we're bundled up in our fabulous winter woolens -- scarves, hats, sweaters, vests, shrugs and such? Of course this: all the fabulous spring and summertime garment projects that will augment our wardrobes and our daily fashionable looks, as soon as warmer temperatures arrive! Lucky for us, the winter storms let up just enough to allow the mails through (not without many delays) to bring us the first of our spring supply of fabulousness from Rowan. In the February edition of The Vermilion Bay Light, I described many of the yarns for spring and summer, but unfortunately at that time, many of them were still stuck in the snow and ice. Within hours of the newsletter's delivery, many of you were looking for Revive, All Seasons Cotton, and Summer Tweed, but alas... However, no more sighs, folks! The warm weather Rowan is here, having arrived yesterday afternoon to a joyful and cheering crowd! Summer Tweed, All Seasons Cotton, Lenpur Linen, Kid Silk Haze, Handknit Cotton, Revive. Also, fabulous pattern anthologies from Kim Hargreaves and Erika Knight for men, women, children, and babies! Rowan means colors, and spring and summer garments this year are bold and vibrant. Fine, solid yarns of quality fibers guarantee a classy, upscale look for your new wardrobe this season. Let expert design and exquisite fashion sense combined with the proper yarns and fibers guide you in selecting all your spring and summer looks: Rowan and Vermilion Bay Yarn.

10 February 2011

From Heaven's Garden: Sari Silk

Recently, some friends of mine traveled to India. When one makes such trips, taking many pictures is de rigueur -- not only to document one's travels, but also to share the experience in some way with those of us not as lucky to have been along on the journey. My favorite photos in the collection were those taken of people. People browsing in the market. People sitting and talking. People being people. I was taken by the simplicity of these scenes. Yet each was dominated by a complex vibrancy. A weathered man sitting with legs crossed, simple clothing, sandled feet, smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. A person selling food from a booth. An elephant trodding down a jungle path. A water buffalow tethered to a tree. But around them was a world of color beyond imagination. Lush vegetation with jewel-toned blossoms. The market: brightly painted house fronts one more brilliant than the next. Bowls mounded with spices: yellows, browns, reds. Women: silk draped, human flowers bathed in color. A celebration of life and light. A company of three, demure, bashful, sitting fuchsia-veiled along a trampled sod path, look up briefly from their conversation. I was looking through a window into Heaven's garden. What place on earth can be anything like this, were it not made for divine feet? A muddy farmyard, a cluttered and chaotic street, a lived-in house strewn with sleeping mats. All illuminated with color. A mythic, mystical place where rude earth and sublime beauty are so intrinsically intertwined that any boundary is blurred between them. Here we come to know more clearly the ancient creation of living beings from clay: Prometheus in all his names and traditions forming creatures in his hands, breathing in the spirit and releasing each into life: creative creatures reflecting the nature of their maker.
As fiber artisans we share a distinct connectedness to the earth and the beauty that comes forth from it. Plants that draw life, harvested and spun, woven, and fabricated for our use. Living creatures, whose hair is shorn or combed to become beautiful things for our benefit and well-being. Colorful silks from Heaven's garden, spun together into a thousand flowers.

04 February 2011

Don't take it so hard, but....

There will be no Sunday Tea this weekend, Sunday February 6th! Tea will resume the following weekend, February 13th at 1pm.

The Light has been sent!

I completed the final draft of the February Vermilion Bay Light this afternoon and send it out to everyone! Highlights include a short profile of many of the spring/summer yarns in the Rowan line, including the announcement of the Amy Butler collection of knitwear and crocheted garments -- and her yarn, Belle Organic Cotton. The newsletter also gives you a class list -- just like here on the blog -- with a run-down of what each entails. Also notice, that the "Knitter's Tool Box" offered last month will be repeated on Sunday afternoon, February 27th at 2pm. The class was quite popular and well received that weekend -- two sections required on Friday and Saturday last week, actually. If you weren't able to participate in Tool Box last weekend, try to jump in on the 27th. Tomorrow's class "Fixing Mistakes" goes hand-in-hand with Tool Box. Together, the two sessions will benefit your knitting and make you a more independent, empowered, and confident knitter.

The VBYC Hunting Hat

The VBYC Felted Hunting Hat was created especially for one of our knitters who was looking for such a felted wool hat with all the practical benefits of wearing a hat, but without having to deal with the typical crazy hat hair once the hat is removed indoors. The solution? This terrific guy hat. The pattern is available now in the shop and requires only 1 skein of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride -- a wool/mohair blend. If mohair isn't your thing, any good felting yarn in a worsted weight will work well. The design is simple on purpose. It can be fashioned in any number of ways to suit your style. The way the model is finished is simply a suggestion. The flaps can be arranged as you like. They can be functional or ornamental and accesorized as much or as little as you wish. Ladies, you can make it more feminine by adding a pert felted pompom to the top, adding a felted flower, or sewing on an attractive clay or shell button. Add colorwork or color variation. Limitless possibility here. The piece is worked only with one strand of yarn, so the resulting felt fabric is not stiff -- perfect for a guy hat, that often gets squashed together and crammed into a coat pocket until it's time to head out again. If you need a garment or accenssory designed especially for you, we at VBYC will work with you to produce exactly what it is you're looking for.