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Beginning Knitting and Crochet: Beginning classes for knitting and crochet are scheduled one-on-one at your convenience during business hours. You may schedule lessons just for yourself, or for yourself and a few other friends. In beginning knitting, you will learn your stitches while you create a beautiful chunky yarn scarf. At the end of your mastery period, you'll have a fabulous accent you can actually use!

Classes a la carte: If you weren't able to attend a specific class, or you missed out entirely on one, here's your chance! Simply schedule the class topic of your choice at the time that's convenient for you.

How Much Do Classes Cost? At Vermilion Bay Yarn, we're all about getting you moving on your fiber projects and getting you going with new techniques. All classes (including beginning knitting and crochet) at VBYC are $20 plus materials. You do not pay each time you come in to continue the same class.

What's Available At Vermilion Bay

The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company is your local source for the fine yarns of Rowan, Classic Elite, South West Trading, Cascade, Plymouth, Schaefer, Malabrigo, Muench, GGH, Brown Sheep, Lana Grossa, Tilli Tomas, Universal, and many others! We offer high quality needles and hooks from Addi, Chiaogoo, Hiya-Hiya, and Brittany. Vermilion Bay Yarn (YOUR local yarn shop) is YOUR one stop for all your knitting and crochet notion needs: counters, holders, markers, darning eggs, tapestry needles, etc.

Knit Cafe: The Evening Fiber Art Group meets on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm at the shop. Bring your project(s) and sit for as long as you like. Food, coffee, and soft drinks are always provided, and everyone is encouraged to add to the buffet.

Need something repaired? Favorite sweater with moth holes? Heirloom lace with a snag? Bring it in for an estimate.

Don't have time to knit or crochet it? The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company is your only local custom fiber art source! Please visit the shop for an estimate.

Knitting Parties at VBYC: Gather together 10 of your friends or colleagues and set a date/time for a knitting party at Vermilion Bay Yarn! Beginners and seasoned knitters can participate in the same party! Folks who've never knitted before will learn how and the experienced knitters work their own fun project! Contact the shop for details!

Our Return Policy

Now and then we purchase a bit too much, or decide that a different yarn might be better for a project than the one we selected. Here's how VBYC accomodates merchandise returns. This policy is also clearly displayed in the shop by the register. Thank you for your business!

Merchandise purchased at The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company may be exchanged/returned for shop credit only. No cash refunds. No exhanges/returns on special orders. Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for cash. Yarn presented for exchange must be odor-free and in new condition with the yarn band intact. Yarns wound into skeins are not accepted for exchange.

Knitting Rescue and Project Help

We are most willing to assist YOU, our customers, with quick help or to fix minor blemishes in your fiber work at no charge. As I see it, that's all part of what YOUR local yarn shop is about, especially if your project originated from VBYC. If you find yourself in need of frequent coaching on a particularly challenging project, or if you require detailed assistance with a project obtained elsewhere, we encourage you to make that project into a class ($20 fee applies) for the duration of your work.

29 November 2010


That's the only way to describe it when the Namaste truck comes, especially when there's something new in the Namaste line that comes. You absolutely NEED one of these new, re-invented Hip Holsters -- yeah, they were just invented last summer, so for the fall they're re-invented. When they started off, the fact that they were only available in canvass and in only two colors, peacock and black, guy yarn shop owners were soooooo pleased, I'm sure. Finally, something that comes in only two colors. Short lived joy, that leads to even more joy as soon as we guy yarnies stop thinking like guys and thinking more about fabulousness. Namaste has come out with a spectrum of colors for the groovy Hip Holster in the same terrific Vegan Leather as the rest of the bag line. And the fabu colors are here at Vermilion Bay Yarn! In addition to these, the same delicious colors in the Monroe and those ultra swishy circular needle cases. So if Namaste makes you short of breath, here's more: Della Q. Need a mobile knitting unit? You need a Della Q Agnes. It holds everything, including 12 afghans, 3,700 40" size 8's, puppy snips, dumpling pouches, all your other notions, and still has room left for a baby hat and the baby. Plenty of Priscillas and Eden silk pouches too. The Della Q clothes line is full up, folks, so fill the pouches with your projects!

26 November 2010

Christmas shopping for fiber people

If you're reading this blog, you more than likely are a fiber person or you have a fiber person in your family or your circle of friends. A fiber person is usually someone who always has a little bag with some knitting or crocheting that comes out either at home or in public places when there's time to sit. They're also known to wear handmade knitted or crocheted garments. You know the type. They're creative and usually quite personable and friendly. If you're a fiber person buying for another fiber person, you know the score: what do get, how much to get, things that are practical, usable, or just plain cute. If you're the girlfriend of a fiber person, or even the boyfriend of one, or even just a platonic friend, a co-worker, or a relative, but you don't engage in fiber arts, here're some tips for you while searching out niftiness for your person. The most uncomplicated approach is a gift certificate. That way, your friend can come in and find the project he likes or the bag that she needs. If the thought of a certificate is a bit too impersonal for you, then you'll have to shop a little, and think, just for a bit, like a fiber person. The easiest strategy for a non-knitter or non-crocheter is to find notions or bags. A good collection of notions and such is always appreciated: individual packets of markers, pins, counters, darning needles, a Knit Kit, project bags/pouches, knitting bags, winders, and swifts make excellent gifts. If you're a bit more adventurous and would like to gift a project or project supplies (yarn/needles/hooks/patterns), we can help you with that. You may need to hunt down a pattern for whatever project you're thinking of. Otherwise, a general idea is necessary: sweater, vest, hat/scarf, socks. Generally, these things require a supply of yarn. One of the biggest mistakes non-fiber folks do in a yarn shop is to attempt to make a "yarn bouquet" or a "yarn gift bag": a hodgpodge collection of solitary balls/hanks/skeins in a bag for a knitter. In such a case, if the fiber person lives here in town, I can anticipate his/her visit within a few days of receiving the bouquet in order to exchange a host of orphan Annies for a supply of something to make a project. When buying yarn, it's necessary to buy enough of it to be usable. A well-intentioned "bouquet" of twelve different 87 yard balls, although received with gratitude, will more than likely end up being restocked in favor of a sweater supply of 10 identical skeins. You can shop for chocolates by selecting 12 different ones for the same box, but yarn doesn't work like that. Guys who don't knit or crochet: don't think you'll be out of place at Vermilion Bay Yarn when you walk in. Remember, VBYC has a vibrant men's knitting group on Monday nights, so you're not out of place. In fact, you'd probably enjoy learning to knit or crochet and joining us each week on Mondays. When you come in, feel free to ask questions about anything. There are never silly questions here, and when you come in you're never interrupting anything we're doing! Come on in and find a gift or two for the groovy fiber folks on your list!

A Bounty of Color!

Just in time for Christmas knitting and crochet projects! Take a look at these colorful beauties from Cascade. In the next 72 hours or so, also be looking for fabulous Nature Spun and Lamb's Pride worsted from Brown sheep, as well as bags and accessories from Della Q (we love our Della bags and pouches!), as well as new designs from Namaste. Whether you're a knitter or a crocheter, or even if you don't engage in any of those scandelous activities, there's plenty here for your projects, or for the projects of the special fiber artisan in your life!

24 November 2010

Knitting Notes: The Schaefer Criss Cross

This piece is conceived for 2 hanks of Laurel, worsted weight mercerized cotton yarn, on size 8 needles. The cast-on happens along the length of the piece, which, if using the original yarn, really does require a circular needle of length. I'm currently working up the Criss Cross as a custom knit, but I'm not using Laurel. I'm using Audrey, a fingering weight yarn (50/50 silk/merino) on size 6's. The original Laurel version has a complex bank of interlocking fringe on each end, but because of the nature and personality of the Audrey, I've opted out of the fringing and have changed the knitting orientation completely, working the piece from end to end on fewer stitches, instead of casting on the length and working side to side. The pattern operates on multiples of 6, so it's simply a matter of working out the gauge to equal the appropriate dimensions. The wrap can be simplified as well into a scarf with one hank of Laurel the same way, working a number about a quarter of the original cast on and knitting from end to end. It's a versatile pattern, and knitting orientation really makes no difference. Now, needles. In order to make the criss cross row, there is a set-up row before involving multiple yo's. I started out this piece as indicated, using a circular needle. With this thinner yarn, the circular just didn't cut it, although it splayed out my stitches nicely at the end of each row and I could see the whole piece lying flat. What I've found is that in such profusion (with a lighter yarn), the yo's don't behave well as they come up onto the needle join (no, stop right there: I know what you're thinking: "well, if you'd use a Blah Blah Zingaling Needle with a rainbow cable and ultra sharp surgical Doodledee and invisible signatorial Blitzerang, you'd have no troubles with that." It makes no difference. I tried the Blitzerangs and the Zeedlzotts as well as the Chickaleeta Rainbow Zippitydobs. These yo's just don't like needle joins, regardless who made the needles, what continent they're from, or how well they slice, dice, speak foreign languages, or make pesto). So, if you're working on smaller weight yarn and knitting from end to end, I suggest this (gasp!): use a good old fashioned 14" Brittany Birch straight needle. Yo's are happy, and they don't get all twisted up with the knits, and stitch drops are much less frequent. If you haven't tried the Criss Cross, you're going to love it. You get fabric pretty quickly because of the dropped yo's, and the design is interesting. The weight of the yarn varies the look of the piece, and you can accomodate different yarn weights simply by taking a different approach to the knitting orientation. The pattern is available here for purchase alone, or it's free with the purchase of a yarn supply. This project is worry free, really, and quite makeable by knitters of all levels of experience. The row cycle is memorizable, which makes the project mobile. Make a Criss Cross Wrap!

23 November 2010


It's Thanksgiving week, and folks are on the move: leaving town to visit relatives and friends elsewhere, and folks coming into town to visit loved ones here. It's a busy week, that's for sure. In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company will be closed on Thursday, November 25th. But that's the only day this week we will be closed. The regular weekly schedule remains unchanged, including tonight's Knit Cafe from 6-8. VBYC, your local yarn shop, will re-open after the one-day Thanksgiving break on Friday, November 26th at 10:00am. Of course the most important part of a yarn shop is YOU. That's what makes VBYC what it is: this diverse mixture of unique people from all walks of life coming together in one place to share a common interest: the creation of terrific fiber items. In the process, we find out that we're not all so different from each other after all. Everyone adds a bit of themselves to the mixture and the result is an exciting and energetic melting pot of ideas. I am thankful to all of you for helping create such a place where ideas are shared openly where friends are made, relationships are forged, and where everyone can be themselves without fear of reprisal, judgement, or ridicule. In our cynical, crass, and caustic world, it's good to have an oasis to escape to where we can just "be". To everyone who frequents Knit Cafe, Men's Knit Club, Sunday Tea, and to all the folks who stop in every day throughout the day: Thank you so much. YOU are The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company. Happy Thanksgiving!

19 November 2010

La Vie en Rouge

It's getting to be Merry Christmas time, and look here! Our friends at The Knit Kit are putting us in a mighty festive mood with this Christmastime treat: The Knit Kit in red! It's the Christmas edition! How neat is that? Count out the changes in all your festival projects with this dandy all-in-one marvel packed with the things you need to do the job right, along with a good dose of Christmas cheer (eggnog not included). If that just wasn't enough, I paired the beautiful new red Kits in the display with some festive red Cascade Pastaza, a terrific 50/50 blend of Lama and Wool. Making an Einstein coat for yourself or your honey this Christmas? Make it from this! Folks who have used Pastaza years and years ago for project happily report that those garments just keep on going strong as if they just were finished yesterday. Pastaza is durable and long-lasting. Pick up a red Knit Kit and some Pastaza while you're at it! Merry Christmas!

11 November 2010

Schaefer Audrey in Kubler-Ross. 5 Steps to Fabulous. 1 Exquisite Yarn.
Schaefer Color. Schaefer Sock. Your Feet on Clouds.

One Nail ain't a manicure; one Sock ain't a pair.

I've heard it said that some folks never make socks because they would never finish the second one, maybe not even start it. Eh? Reminds me of the gal who paints the nail on her thumb, brushes the sweat off her brow, throws her new bottle of Passionate Vampire Lover Red into the corner and declares: "Ok, I'm bored. I'll just paint the one and be done." Not that I'm saying that's kooky or anything, but, that's just a bit kooky. If you've never tried making socks, my advice is not even to entertain the notion of making a drawerful of partnerless wonders, unless you have a clown suit to match. Look at a sock project this way: it's a two part deal. The project isn't done until you've made a pair. Just because you've grafted a toe doesn't mean you're done. There's still a second part. Some people fight the one-sock-for-me-thanks phobia by working two socks at once in order to fool the brain that it's just one sock, and that's fine. But don't think that that really, really saves any time. It takes about the same amount of clock time to work two at a time as it does to work two, one after the other. The only thing that two-at-a-time cures is the slight differences between one sock and its partner. Time wise, you're getting the super deal of three for the price of three, or as socks go, two for the price of two. Bottom line, you've gotta do two. It's just how it is. So instead of resolving only to make half the project, consider that the one project has two parts, like a sweater has a front and a back, and two sleeves. The bind off edge or grafted toe doesn't always mean "finish line"!

10 November 2010


This month offers several great knitting classes! This coming Saturday, we'll start the Schaefer Criss Cross wrap. If you like the Clapotis, you'll adore the Criss Cross. The pattern is free with the purchase of yarn. The Criss Cross wrap project will be a Knit-Along. The piece was conceived with Schaefer Laurel in mind, but there are certainly other yarns that will work well with the pattern, depending upon the look you're after. Sign up and join us for this exciting Knit Along! The following weekend is all about technique: fixing mistakes and reading patterns. How often have we all painted ourselves into a corner with common knitting errors and oopses? It's a drag when we're knitting late at night, experience a crisis, and then have to wait until the yarn shop opens. Expand your tool kit on November 20th to be able to correct anything your knitting decides to do. And what about those crazy patterns that make no sense at all? There are some great designs around, but the pattern writing often leaves little to be desired (re-read my post about "Chinese Firedrill Patterns"), as folks are having to resort to massive re-writes even to make sense of stitching sequences poorly charted or vaguely explained. So that makes it necessary to sharpen our decoding skills by using what we know in order to interpret what is alluded to on the page. We'll finish up the month with socks on Double Points. You've seen several of us knitting socks using this time-tested, often derided as "old fashioned" method -- which requires no markers at all, since by nature of the needle frame, all the parts of the sock are clearly visible. It's a perfect method to learn the geometry of the sock, and knowledge of it makes other sock-making methods much easier to learn, since the technique is so simple and most like knitting a flat piece of fabric. Using a set of 5 DPN's might look intimidating, but it's really much simpler than having to deal with an unwieldy 40-inch cable, tangled yarns, and confusing needle tips. Once you know how the sock works, then trying to tame the cables and the twosies at a timesies isn't so bad. I offer sock making classes in a sequence: DPN's, 2 circs, then Magic Loop. Take them all, then decide which you like the best! Sign up for classes! We'll see you soon!

09 November 2010

Color me needled

What with all the preparations for the cruise, accumulating the knitting things to pack, including yarns, needles, and notions, I have neglected the famous needle wall. Sad. But no fear! The replenishments are now starting to arrive! Addi turbo actually came in from the Pacific Northwest in less than a week! That's a good sign, since that means the Chiaogoo is pretty soon to follow. Nothing beats a sharp tipped CG needle, especially for lace or when working with "splitty" yarns. Crochet hooks too, folks. Those spectacular CG all-bamboo hooks leave all others in the dust! Accurate, light-weight, strong. Fans of Brittany Birch rejoice! Medium sized needles in long and short lengths are on their way too as well as double points! Those of you who prefer the J-shaped cable needle thing when doing the Twist are in luck. I'm endulging your envie. Look for the J-shaped cable needles on the wall in a few days. When you're not cabling, the things also do well to catch gators. So, you're asking what does the Erte dame have to do with needles? Nothing at all. But I bet her outfit would great with an Onyx shawl stick.

Stick it to 'em!

Add a little bling to your already terrific and fashionable wrap. Three new outstanding bits of niftiness are pinned up and looking good: The onyx shawl stick, the lace stick, and the amazing Evil Eye Talisman shawl stick. Treat yourself to a little gift or gift someone with any of these new and wonderful items.

04 November 2010

Hey Dude, Where's my newsletter?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. This month's newsletter is the CRUISE EDITION, so that means it contains that spiffy travelogue from our FABULOUS knitting cruise. It's a whopping 6 page newsletter, double the size of our standard 3-pager! With any narrative, I have to write it out, then edit, then edit a couple more times. The final draft of the entire November Light is done, and I will devote much of this afternoon to reading the final draft and making any last minute changes. The next step of course is to update our mailing list and prepare the mailings. But in the end, you are guaranteed a quality newsletter that actually has news and information, and a bit of humor too (we all need that). Fans of the "Indisposed" pic will be happy: I did include a pic for y'all! Stuart is taking a hiatus this month. He's still fussy about being left alone for a week, although he does report that he enjoyed being visited by knitter Scott Meddows while I was on the ship. Classes for November have been planned, and I posted them already here on the blog. Please take note that I'm offering classes in Fixing Mistakes and Pattern Reading! Put the dates on your calendar and come sign up! In the next couple days, you'll be getting your copy of The Vermilion Bay Light: Cruise Edition! As always, if you'd like to receive a copy of the newsletter, send me your email. If you haven't been getting yours, but should be, keep me updated!